Production Solutions 

An innovative wet fiber molding technology that enables mass production of cellulose-based packaging with industry-leading financial and environmental returns.

A Sustainable Alternative to Plastic

The SinterCell™ process renders cellulose fibers 100% reusable, meaning our end-products are “circular economy ready” in addition to being fully compostable and recyclable.

Our Choices In Packaging Have Global Implications 

Over 350 megatons (Mt) of plastic waste is generated globally, with an estimated 22 Mt leaking into our environment annually. Microplastics have been documented in our environment, food, and beverage systems. These trends are unsustainable and harmful to human and environmental health

Source: Report by the Minderoo-Monaco Commission on Plastics and Human Health, and
the OECD Global Plastics Outlook Database

How Do We Collectively Effect Change? 

SinterCell™ Nation is dedicated to eliminating and reversing the packaging trends that endanger our environment and health.  It only takes one courageous voice to influence others, one change in consumer behavior to inspire others, and one successful packaging collaboration to demonstrate that meaningful change is possible.

Welcome to SinterCell™ Nation

A community of like-minded individuals with a shared vision and purpose to see packaging in harmony with nature.

Plastic Manufacturers seeking sustainable packaging alternatives that can be profitably mass-produced like plastics. 

Product Manufacturers seeking packaging alternatives aligned with environmental and sustainability goals.

Consumers seeking to effect change through their purchase and consumption choices.


Political leaders seeking to learn and influence policy without punitive repercussions.

Sustainability & Environmental Impact

Partner Collaboration

Consumption Habits

Policy & Influence

Learn About The SinterCell Technology

The Art Of Cellulose Engineering

The SinterCell™ 200 is a second-generation wet-fiber molding machine that achieves unprecedented productivity through innovative engineering, proprietary tooling design, and intelligent control system technologies.

Take Action

Together we will replace single-use plastic packaging with reusable and environmentally friendly fiber packaging.

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